News Landing Image Premiere of the New Mazda CX-90 Crossover SUV
Mazda plans to introduce four models from its Large Product Group to the global market by the end of 2023, where demand for SUVs is strong. Following the CX-60 released last year, the CX-90 is the second model in Mazda's Large Product Group, offering a significant evolution in environmental and safety performance and greater joy to be had in driving. 
The CX-90's launch enhances Mazda's SUV lineup, enabling the company to meet customer needs and the particularities of each market. The CX-90 also gives a further boost to Mazda's business and brand.
The CX-90 is a crossover SUV newly developed in light of features that customers in the important North American market most demand. Based on the “For the Voyage of Your Life” concept, this wide-body, three-row SUV offers greater comfort, functionality, and safety performance, making driving more enjoyable and travel with friends and family more comfortable. This new flagship model makes its debut in the United States this spring.
The CX-90 design expresses a feeling of vitality, rooted in Mazda's Kodo, or “Soul of Motion,” design theme. The aesthetic of subtraction, or “less is more,” has produced a simple shape and realized dynamic and majestic proportions. The interior is an expression of Japanese aesthetic throughout, incorporating the dynamism of light and natural materials in an orderly, elegant space.
For the powertrain, Mazda offers a new turbocharged 3.3-liter, inline, six-cylinder gasoline engine, augmented by a 48-volt mild hybrid system, as well as the plug-in hybrid system e-SKYACTIV PHEV, which comprises a 2.5-liter, in-line, four-cylinder gasoline engine. 
In combination with the new rear-biased AWD architecture, the CX-90 offers superior environmental performance while honoring the driver's intentions.
Mazda also focused meticulous attention on creating a comfortable environment for all on board. The interior space has been enlarged around all seats. The third row is designed to seat three and comes equipped with its own air conditioning vents. 
In addition, the CX-90's enhanced configuration reinforces towing performance, which, alongside other amenities, boosts its functionality, enabling the driver and passengers to enjoy a variety of settings and experiences during the drive.
Furthermore, inclusion of both a See-Through View, capable of intuitively discerning information necessary for vehicle operation, and a large active driving display, support safe vehicle operation and enhance the driver's peace of mind.
In moving toward 2030, Mazda will continue research based on the company's human-centered philosophy, creating more moving experiences for people to enjoy as they go about in their daily lives, and delivering greater enjoyment, and uplifting and energizing Mazda users everywhere.
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