News Landing Image The new application of the Japanese brand - Mazda CX60 is in Georgia
In the" wellness resort bioli", the capabilities of the Mazda Premium model CX60 were first evaluated by media representatives. Guests had the opportunity to see the new car on the spot, get acquainted with its capabilities and design innovations.

Mazda CX60 is a premium class model, which is expressed in various interior and exterior details, as well as advanced driver and passenger-oriented technologies, safety systems and other technical characteristics. In the Miled Hybrid version, we first find the new 3.3 six-cylinder engine. The car is equipped with a gasoline engine, assisted by an electric generator, which provides reduced combustion, better acceleration and as little noise as possible. In addition, the level of emissions is also much lower.

Nodar Chirakadze, brand director of Mazda Center Tegeta:"We are very proud that we have already presented a new model of Japanese brand in Georgia. In this car, for the first time in Mazda history, the crossover, in the AWD system, has drive and main power-giving rear wheels. The remaining part of the power is distributed over the front wheels, which determines the optimal distribution of gravity between Bridges. As you know, similar systems are often found with other premium manufacturers. A Miled Hybrid engine obviously means less combustion, less emissions, and therefore less environmental damage.

Mazda offers customers the technology SKYACTIVE, which is used in the vehicle's suspension system, gearbox, and most importantly, engine. This results in higher power, maximum efficiency, lower fuel consumption and smaller emissions.“

The Mazda CX60 is equipped with an innovative facial recognition system installed in the car's cabin. The memory pack in cars is not a new specification, although in the case of Mazda it will be connected to the facial recognition system, which means that the car will automatically receive a memorized configuration once it recognizes the driver. After extinguishing the vehicle, it will automatically pull the seat back to make it easier for the driver to get out of the vehicle.

Nodar Chirakadze, brand director of Mazda Center Tegeta:"it is noteworthy that Mazda cx60 moved to the premium car segment. Attention to detail, a design philosophy that stems from Mazda's Japanese heritage, a selection of materials used in the vehicle, driver and passenger-oriented safety and other advanced technologies make this Mazda model rightfully occupy the list of premium segment cars.“

Mazda CX60 Miled Hybrid and gasoline (skyctive) models are presented on the Georgian market. "Mazda Center Tegeta" plans to introduce Plug in Hybrid version in the nearest future.

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